At New Heights Dental, we strive to offer the very best in patient care. Read the reviews from our patients below to see how we fare. We're always happy to hear we have the "Best Dentist in San Antonio"!

Some of our favorite reviews from our Google+ page:

From Michael R.:
Dr. Riley and his staff are amazing! I have never felt so comfortable in a dental office. I have always been scared to go to the dentist that it took me over 10 years to find an office that i actually look forward to going to. They have awesome music, nice and relaxing chairs with massagers and the staff and Dr. Riley are always laughing and having a good time, you can really tell everyone loves their jobs at this place. The greatest thing is that they have this machine that makes your crown that same day!! Since i had not been to the dentist in over 10 years i needed 3 crowns and instead of having multiple appointment and have to take a bunch of time off work, they gave me a pill that relaxed me and they made all the crowns i needed in just a few hours. (i slept the entire time so i didn't really feel anything). New Heights Dental has a patient for life and i look forward to my check up in 6 months. Thanks for giving me my smile back!

From Bruce H.:
Always a great experience. The staff got me in as soon as possible for a cracked filling and broken tooth repair which required a new crown. The crown was made in house using the most up to date digital equipment and fabrication. All in the same afternoon. I felt no discomfort during the procedure and everyone was concerned that I was satisfied with the outcome. Dr. Dan Riley has put together a top rate team and I would recommend this office to anyone needing routine maintenance and anything more as needed. Excellent.

Some of our favorite reviews from our Yelp page:

From Dan V:
Going to the Dentist has always been like any other ordinary medical visit for me.  I would make an appointment over the phone, fill out the paperwork when I got there, and would wait and wait until they called my name so I could receive my check-up.  Then I would leave on my merry way feeling generally satisfied with the typical dental/doctor's visit.  Then recently, I urgently needed some unexpected dental work.  My regular dentist couldn't get me in fast enough.  I called several friends and one recommended that I call New Heights Dental.  So I called and stated what had happened.  They quickly made an appointment for me to be seen and I am very thankful because I needed to get my teeth issues addressed asap.  Not only did I need it addressed for regular reasons, on top of that I had a job interview the next day and needed to get my unexpected dental issue addressed right away!

When I arrived at New Heights Dental, I walked in and did not have to fill out any manual paperwork, they handed me an I-Pad where I could fill in all my information. How cool is that?  I am an efficiency guy, so I appreciated that! Then they got me in the dental chair.  I may have had my dental item(s) that needed addressing, but I certainly noticed how happy the employees were going about their job.   This place has happy employees and that made my visit especially comforting.  They explained everything that they were doing during my visit.  I don't like taking medicine or anything that is going to alter my sense of self-awareness, but since I was going to be there for a while I stretched my boundaries and tried the "sedation" dentistry.   I don't know why, but I always equated sedation dentistry as if I were going to lose my sense of self-awareness.  It wasn't that way at all. I would replace the word "sedation" with "relaxation'.  What I received was a simple breathing apparatus that helped me relax while I listened to soothing music and got my dental items addressed.  They paid attention to my needs as I underwent the procedures.  This place definitely has the WOW factor. WOW=Happy Visit!!!!   Now if only all dentist's and medical providers had this type of office....  Thank you New Heights Dental! Thank you for taking my "lemon" tooth issue and turning it into a sweet lemon-aid experience! You guys ROCK! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

From Callie R:
This dental office is absolutely amazing! I was very nervous about going because i HATE the dentist but my dad, who has been a client for 13 years, referred me. I since then have referred several people because of the amazing experience i have had. The office is extremely clean, which i love, and ALL the staff are extremely sweet, gentle, and caring. Dr. Riley made my going into braces, at 25 i might add, a very smooth, quick and painless experience for me. As for the comment made by DEAN, no one has EVER called repeatedly for appointments or bugged me. They send you text reminders a few days before and the day of reminding you of your appointment, VERY helpful when you are a busy individual! Love this place and will continue to be a loyal client!

From CC:
I really love New Heights Dental. The facility is very modern, clean and has a lot of good energy! I started going about 9 months ago for braces and I've had a great experience. I had braces when I was younger, however I neglected my retainer & luckily found Dr. Riley to straighten my teeth to perfection. He definitely looks out for your best interest and what I love is he takes the time to know his patients. He's a great dentist and such a positive person, I always leave in a better mood then when I came in! I couldn't say enough good things about New Heights Dental. They're a really sweet staff and they've gone the extra mile for me in so many ways. I highly recommend checking them out.

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