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The Enamel of a Broken Tooth is Dangerous

Posted on 2/20/2019 by Dr. Daniel Riley
The Enamel of a Broken Tooth is DangerousWe've discussed before that broken teeth require urgent care to treat, the sooner the better. Did you know that even the remains can be dangerous to your mouth, potentially more so than the break itself?

They're Designed to Cut
Your teeth serve a pivotal role in macerating, slicing, and cutting down chunks of food into more easily handled sizes. Normally, the structures of your jaw and teeth prevent you from biting down on your cheeks and gums, but when a tooth is chipped, all bets are off.

You ultimately end up with a tiny dagger-like object inside of your mouth that moves around as you chew and swallow, now exposed freely to the rest of your mouth. This can lead to lacerations and gashes, as the sharp enamel cuts into flesh. And not only is this makeshift tooth-dagger sharp, but it is also a carrier for disease, capable of not merely slicing into your gums and other sensitive tissues, but transplanting bacteria underneath the surface and lodging them firmly into place.

Furthermore, what has chipped once may break again, and you may be in the middle of a meal when a piece breaks off, sliding down your throat and cutting painfully as it goes down. Fortunately, it is likely to erode and dissolve once it enters your stomach (as we've mentioned before, teeth are very sensitive to acid), but there is always a slight risk that the tooth fragment cuts through the lining and causes ulcers or other gastrointestinal problems.

Broken teeth are dangerous objects! Not just for their ability to incubate disease and spread it around, but in their ability to uniquely eat away at your own body. If you have a broken tooth, you should urgently call us and schedule an appointment.
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