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Sugar May Be Hiding in Your Diet and Harming Your Teeth

Posted on 3/15/2019 by Dr. Daniel Riley
Sugar May Be Hiding in Your Diet and Harming Your TeethYou are one of those people who constantly watch what you eat. You try and limit your intake of sugar, because you worry that sugar is not only bad for your body, it is bad for your teeth as well.

Did you know that even though you have good intentions with regard to sugar in your diet, sugar might be hiding in places you didn't expect? Keep reading to find out where.

Processed Food
In order to eliminate sugar, your food needs to be as close to natural as possible. The best way to avoid sugar in your food is to avoid processed food. Even though you might read the label to check for sugar, companies disguise sugar with other labels, such as “brown rice syrup”, “cane syrup”, “corn syrup” or even “natural sweeteners” to trick you into thinking there is no sugar in the product.

“Natural” Sugars are Still Sugars

Many people think that if the sugar is not processed (agave syrup, honey and maple syrup, for example) it is healthier than processed sugar. While it is always better to opt for sugars that aren't processed, natural sugars are still sugars, which means you need to limit your intake.

Watch the Sauce
All kidding aside, it is not alcohol we are talking about here (although that may contain sugar as well). Many sauces that we put on our food contain sugar. You need to be sure and read the labels on sauces to see if you see a form of sugar, especially if it is a sweet sauce. Also, thickeners used to make sauces appear thicker sometimes use sugar as a thickening agent.

If you have questions about keeping sugar out of your diet, why not give us a call and schedule a visit? We would be happy to talk with you about the best ways to keep hidden sugar out of your diet.

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