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Intaoral Camera

Intraoral camera at New Heights Dental & Braces Regular dental exams are a crucial component in maintaining optimal oral health. Exams are also important for diagnosing the cause of specific symptoms. Part of your oral exams involves a thorough inspection of the visible structures in your mouth. However, there are some parts of your mouth that are more difficult to see than others. Traditionally, a handheld mirror has been used to take a closer look at harder to see areas. At New Heights Dental & Braces, we can take a much closer look at the structures in your mouth with an intraoral camera.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a modern technological development, providing us with an alternative to the traditional handheld mirror that you are most likely familiar with. The camera is approximately the size of a large pen. It has a camera lens on one end and is attached to a computer by a cord on the other. When we move the camera around in your mouth, it captures real-time images that are displayed on a monitor for us to see. In addition to real-time images, the camera also provides us with the ability to capture stills. This enables us to more closely examine a specific area of your mouth without you having to keep your mouth open for extended periods of time.

More Accurate Diagnoses for More Effective Treatment Plans

After taking stills of your mouth, we can then use specialized software to more closely examine the images. Using this software, we can zoom in on suspect areas and enhance the image for clarity. This allows us to see the smallest details of your mouth, which then enables us to make a more accurate diagnosis. With a more accurate diagnosis, we are then able to create a much more effective treatment plan to restore the health of your mouth.

See What We See

Often, patients feeling anxious or fearful about dental treatment feel that way because they do not have control over the situation. Even explaining what we are doing before we do it is not enough to ease these feelings. There are also some patients who may not believe their situation is as serious as we say and therefore may not take advice or get treatment. With the intraoral camera, you can see exactly what we see. This can greatly alleviate dental fears and anxieties as well as help to stress the importance of any treatments that we recommend.

Become More Involved

The images that we take with the intraoral camera can be printed out for you to take home. They can serve as a guide, showing you what certain parts of your mouth look like. This way, while you are taking care of your mouth at home, you are better able to notice any changes much sooner. As a result, you can then take action and call the office immediately, which can help to get treatment before the situation becomes more serious.

Easy, Safe Storage of Your Images

Previously, any images that were taken of your mouth were stored in your paper file. Today, however, all of your information is stored digitally. Images taken with the intraoral camera can then be stored in your digital file. We can easily pull them up when we need to and can compare them side by side with new images. The intraoral camera has greatly improved the quality of care that we can provide for you. For more information on the intraoral camera, or any of our other dental technology, call New Heights Dental & Braces today at (210) 828-5300.

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